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Solar Hot Water

With advances in technology, and mounting costs for electricity more people within Victoria are choosing to install Solar Hot Water systems.

By installing a Solar Hot Water system you could reduce your household's energy consumption by up to 75% of your current water heating costs, which in an average family would reduce your entire households energy consumption between 15-25% annually. 

Solar hot water systems utilize the suns, clean, inexhaustible energy through Solar collectors mounted on the roof,  which then heats the water that flows through the systems.  Once the water is heater it is transferred to a storage tank ready for use around the home or office.

Currently there are two main forms of Solar Hot Water Systems available, traditional flat panel systems and evacuated tube systems

Flat Panel Solar Systems                
Evacuated Tube Solar Systems
  • Cost effective
  • Works best with direct sunlight
  • Latest Technology
  • Extremely effective in overcast conditions

Some people within Victoria  have been weary of installing Solar Hot Water systems, fearful that in the middle of winter they may be faced with cold showers.  However the advances made with technology now means that even in the most over cast conditions Solar Hot Water Systems can still be an options.

evac-tube-1.jpg flat-panel-2.jpg evac-tube-2.jpg flat-panel-1.jpg evac-tube-3.jpg