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Greywater Systems

The average Australian home has the capacity to reuse over 70% of mains water consumed. By installing a greywater system within your home you can reduce your water usage easily and safely.
There are two types of Greywater systems: treatment and diverters. A greywater diverter is a fantastic and low price system that will enable you to reuse grey water (from basins & the laundry) to water your garden via a sub-surface irrigation system.
A treatment system will allow you to collect water to recycle and store for reuse both within the home and garden. Installing a treatment system is a long term solution that ensures your water consumption is drastically reduced. When combined with a rainwater harvesting system we have made your average metro family home totally water sufficient reducing their water consumption by over 95%
We are the Supplier & Service provider for Nubian Water Systems - Greywater treatment system.
We service all Nubian GT600 greywater treatment systems accross Victoria, NSW & the ACT
We carry a full range of parts for all domestic & commercial systems
With over 200 Systems installed within Australia Nubian is Australia's Leader in Recycled water treatment.
All Nubian greywater recycling systems are automatic, chemical-free and require no intervention by the system’s owner. Nubian’s planned maintenance program together with an advanced, continuous on-line water quality monitoring system provides peace of mind for the system’s owner and for regulators.
Nubian systems are very compact and easy to install making them ideal for retrofitting of domestic and commercial buildings. They can recycle from 500 up to 100,000 litres of greywater a day.
Please refer to our greywater fact sheet for further information
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